Is Teyana Taylor Eazy E’s Daughter?

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.  A recent article being shared on Facebook claims that rapper Eric Lynn Wright, aka Eazy-E, is Teyana Taylor’s father.  The article is incorrect, Teyana is not Eazy-E’s daughter.  The Compton rapper had 9 children and she is not one of them.  Despite how ridiculous the article may seem we understand how the mix up happened.

In 2007, Eazy-E’s daughter, Erin appeared on an episode of the MTV reality series, My Super Sweet 16.  “An All-White Bash” showed Erin’s 16th birthday party which was held at a mansion in a very quiet neighborhood.  The party was shut down after complaints about the noise.  Erin received a Porsche Cayenne.

Is Teyana Taylor Eazy E's Daughter?
Is Teyana Taylor Eazy E’s Daughter?

A few weeks after Erin’s Super Sweet 16 episode aired, Teyana Taylor was featured on the series.  In the “1980s” episode she performs and receives a Land Rover Range Rover.  The episodes both aired in February 2007.  Erin and Teyana look alike, leading to confusion.  While the identity of the singer’s father is unknown to the public, we are positive that the rapper is not her father.

Teyana Taylor continues to enjoy life on top of the world thanks to her workout routine which was featured in Kanye West’s “Fade” video.

By Jason John

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