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Is Rosa Acosta Married? Nikki, Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth episode of season 3, “Mama Beef” featured Nikki Mudarris’ two lovers: Safaree Samuels and Rosa Acosta.  Wetpaint explains that Safaree was recently asked if Nikki was better than his ex-lover, Nicki Minaj.  The rapper didn’t answer the question directly, leading many to believe that he thinks Nicki Minaj is better in bed.

As for Nikki’s other lover, Rosa Acosta, may thought that she was already married.  In the following video from 2013 she explains that she’s engaged to an older man:

That obviously didn’t work out considering the fact that she’s in a new relationship.  According to Hip Hollywood Acosta has also dated Rob Kardashian and fitness guru, Carter the Body.  Nikki and Rosa’s pop up shop, Cossamia, hosted an event a few months back and Acosta showed up with Carter the Body.  The following image shows the two on the red carpet of the event:

Rosa Acosta Carter The Body
Rosa Acosta Carter The Body

Similar to Mudarris, Rosa doesn’t waste any time when it comes to relationships.  She most likely found it difficult to date Nikki while she was in a relationship with Safaree.

Is Rosa Acosta Married? Nikki, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Is Rosa Acosta Married? Nikki, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Mudarris recently got rid of Fizz and is more confident than ever.  We’ll see how long her and Safaree last.  In the video below she explains that Rosa Acosta is a better kisser than Samuels:

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