Is Mr Steal Your Grandma Gay? Irvin Randle Exposed On Instagram

Before #TeacherBae there was #MrStealYourGrandma aka Irvin Randle.  The Shade Room reports that grandma may have never had a chance with this handsome grandfather.  It looks like his ex-lover has exposed him as gay.  Many wondered about his relationship status after his Instagram photos went viral and it looks like a certain gender never stood a chance.

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According to Inside Edition Randle rose to fame after his photos were featured on a website about older men who maintain great physical condition.  He reminds us that although we can’t help getting older we don’t have to get old.  You are as young as you feel, as proven by Randle’s stunning collection of images.

Is Mr Steal Your Grandma Gay? Irvin Randle Instagram
Is Mr Steal Your Grandma Gay? Irvin Randle Instagram
Similar to the Internet’s latest viral sensation, Patrice Tricey Brown (#TeacherBae) Irvin is an educator.  He’s 54-years-old and lives in Houston, Texas.  When his images initially went viral, there were rumors that he was gay yet he denied them.  In a Facebook post he explained that jealous young men decided to spread the rumor that he was homosexual.

The Houston educator continues to teach us valuable life lessons.  First, he taught us that age is just a number and young is an attitude.  If the rumors are true, Randle has taught us that the truth always prevails in the end.  Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others!