Is Lady C Colin Campbell A Transgender Woman?

Evening Standard reports that Jamaican-born British television personality, Lady “C” Colin Campbell appeared on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and stole the show.  She made outrageous comments, leading the camp to lose their dingo dimes after they refused to help her.  She explained that she appeared on the show because she wanted to earn enough money to renovate her castle.

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Several rumors about the 67-year-old resurfaced after she appeared on the show.  Many believe that she is transgender.  Transgender people have a gender identity that is different from their assigned sex.  Lady Colin Campbell is not a transgender woman.  When she was born, a cosmetic malformation of the genitals led to the assumption that she was a boy.  Her parents named her George William Ziadie.

Is Lady C Colin Campbell A Transgender Man?
Is Lady C Colin Campbell A Transgender Woman?
She was raised as a boy until she was 21-years-old when her grandfather was informed as to what had occurred and gave her $5,000 to have corrective surgery.  She changed her name and began her new life.  By the 1970s she was living in New York City where she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She eventually began working as a model and in 1974 she married Lord Colin Ivar Campbell.

Her marriage only lasted for about a year.  Four decades later, Lady C is look for love.  According to Mirror she recently appeared on This Morning where she explained that she is ready to remarry.  She is hoping to get married at her home, Castle Goring which she purchased a few years ago.