Is Gabourey Sidibe Dead?

Status: Alive

Despite the rumors, the actress is not dead, she is alive!

Today, Bossip published a beautiful story on actress, Gabourey Sidibe.  The article discussed Gabby’s new #ThisBody campaign with Lane Bryant.  #ThisBody highlights the comments plus-size women have received on social media.  The New York native is perfect for the campaign considering the amount of haters she has.

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article explaining that Becky from Empire is alive.  The rumor claiming that she has passed away resurfaces about once a month.  There is nothing worst than false information that goes viral online.  The actress has family members that most likely panic after they see the false reports.

Is Gabourey Sidibe Dead?
Is Gabourey Sidibe Dead?
Unlike many of the show’s characters, Becky has been able to maintain a positive relationship with every member of the Lyon family.  During the initial season we fell in love with her as Lucious’ trusty assistant.  Once Lucious went to jail her bond with Jamal grew stronger.  In the season 3 premiere we saw her helping Hakeem in the studio.
Similar to the character she plays on the series, Gabourey maintains a positive relationship with her fans, inspiring people around the world.  When trolls make negative comments about her she could clap back but instead she ignores them.  Sidibe is a great role model that we can all learn from.

By Jason John

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