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Is Alicia Keys Pregnant? Graham Norton, Today Show

Alicia Augello Cook aka Alicia Keys performed in Rockefeller Plaza for the final Today show concert of the summer.  After having two children with husband, Swizz Beatz, the singer cannot make a public appearance without everyone wondering if she’s pregnant for a third time.  She recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, and many fans were convinced that they saw a baby bump.

Alicia Keys has two sons: Egypt Daoud Dead and Genesis Ali Dean.  We don’t think the 35-year-old is currently pregnant.  The following image shows the singer’s recent appearance on an episode of CMT Crossroads with Maren Morris.  She definitely doesn’t look pregnant:

Is Alicia Keys Pregnant? Graham Norton, Today Show
Is Alicia Keys Pregnant? Graham Norton, Today Show

According to Time, the singer’s new song, “Gramercy Park” features everything we love about the award-winning singer.  She uses her beautiful vocals to inform the world that she’s returning to her true self.  The spotlight took away her soul at one point, similar to the character she played on Empire, Skye Summers.

The New York native has come a long way and is no longer trying to fulfill anyone’s expectations.  The singer’s evolution explains her no makeup movement, which she has used to empower women around the world.  In her words: “This girl is on fire!” and we’re loving every second of it.

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