Holly Willoughby Snapchat Name

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The Sun reports that Holly received numerous requests to post revealing images moments after she announced that she joined the image sharing app.  The incident reminds us that the app was originally created for “sexting” (sending and/or receiving sexual content between mobile phones).  These days, some of the most respectable businesses around the world are using the app.

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According to Daily Mail Holly and her “This Morning” co-host, Phillip Schofield, recently shared numerous behind-the-scenes images of the show’s set via Instagram.  The duo’s social media marketing campaign has clearly started.  Make sure you’re following all of their social media accounts!

Holly Willoughby’s Snapchat name is TrulyHolly:

Holly Willoughby Snapchat Name
Holly Willoughby Snapchat Name

Holly reminds us how powerful social media can be.  The amazing part is that it’s only becoming more dominant.  Snapchat just announced their Spectacles, sunglasses with a built-in camera.  Similar to Google Glass, they’ll be able to wirelessly upload recorded videos to the image sharing app.

If Go Pro is smart, they’ll partner with the company before they’re considered competitors.  We expect innovative marketers, like Holly Willoughby, to take advantage of the Spectacles.  Do you plan on purchasing them? If so, how will you use them?