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In Flex We Trust reports that Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Masika Kalysha, had some harsh words about her baby daddy, Fetty Wap which she shared on Twitter:

The former couple’s relationship is complicated to say the least.  Once second it seems like they have a plan to be good co-parents but then it’s like they hate each other with a passion.  Hopefully their daughter doesn’t suffer as a result of their horrible relationship.

BET reports that Willie Maxwell II aka Fetty Wap was recently aired out by his baby mama, Masika Kalysha.  In an interview on VH1 Live! she explained that her daughter is fine despite the fact that the rapper has neglected the newborn.  We’re surprised that he’s still in denial despite the results of the maternity test.

According to Hip Hop DX the rapper can breathe a bit easier after finding out that he’s not in any legal trouble after filming a video at his former high school.  Drug use was shown in the video yet the blame falls on the principal of operations at the school.  Make sure you’re following all the rapper’s social media accounts.  Fetty Wap’s Snapchat name is FettyWap1738:

Fetty Wap Snapchat Name
Fetty Wap Snapchat Name

The rapper should take care of the principal of operations at his old school because he shouldn’t have put people using drugs in the video.  The individual’s name is Zatiti Moody and he has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is completed.  The rapper should offer him a job at his record label.

We doubt that the rapper will take care of Zatiti considering the fact that he refuses to take care of his own daughter.  We love Fetty Wap’s music but we’re finding it difficult to respect him as a man.  A real man takes care of his responsibilities by any means necessary.

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