Fetty Wap, Paternity Test Results

Hot 97 reports that Fetty Wap is the father! The rapper, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, made his first appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s third season on Monday, September 5, 2016.  He was featured on the fourth episode, “Mama Beef.” His baby mother, Masika Kalysha, gave birth to their daughter, Khari Barbie Maxwell on the episode.

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According to Wetpaint Fetty has stated that he plans to “man up” and be there for his daughter.  The two insulted each other over social media about the pregnancy.  Initially, the rapper insisted that he was not the child’s father.  Once their beautiful daughter was born, Fetty took a paternity test which revealed that he was indeed the father of Khari Barbie Maxwell.

Fetty Wap Paternity Test Results
Fetty Wap Paternity Test Results

The rapper claims that Kalysha trapped him after they met at a nightclub.  He explained that Kalysha needed a come up because her struggling career.  He accused her of targeting him for his money because he doesn’t believe that he is handsome.  Masika clapped back at the rapper, daring him to take a paternity test.

Now that the rapper knows, for sure, that he’s the father, his attitude has changed.  He’s currently 25-years-old and worth $8 million.  Back in March he spent over $20,000 for his new daughter’s clothes, toys and furniture.  Hopefully Fetty and Masika’s relationship will continue to improve so they can maintain a positive relationship as co-parents.