Erika Alexander, Queen Sugar, Maxine Shaw

Vulture reports that Erika Alexander plays LeeAnne, Hollywood’s bipolar wife on Queen Sugar.  The actress is best known for her role as Maxine Shaw on the Fox series Living Single.  She got her big break as Pam Tucker on The Cosby Show.  Ava DuVernay made an excellent choice, adding Alexander to the cast.

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On episode 5 of the show’s first season, “By Any Chance” Aunt Violet decides to quit her job at the diner.  The new manager makes some changes that she’s not happy with.  He is rude and embarrasses her in front of her friends.  Aunt Vi reaches out to Hollywood and is under the impression that he’s at work.

Erika Alexander Queen Sugar Maxine Shaw
Erika Alexander Queen Sugar Maxine Shaw

Hollywood pretends to be at work but he’s actually at a psychiatric ward picking up his bipolar wife, LeeAnne, played by Erika Alexander.  Hollywood finds himself in a difficult situation.  He is trying to move on with his life but LeeAnne is a suicide risk so he is forced to be her caretaker.

LeeAnne tried to seduce Hollywood and then becomes violent due to her condition.  LeeAnne and Hollywood are still married so she can be included on his insurance plan.  We love Hollywood and hope he’s not hiding anymore secrets!