Does Amber Rose Have Butt Implants?

From Blac Chyna to Amber Rose there have been plenty big butts on television lately.  Chyna and Amber are both very active despite the size of their back sides.  In Chyna’s new reality show, Rob and Chyna, we see the expecting mother race Rob up a mountain.  Amber Rose just made her first appearance on Dancing With The Stars which led many to ask whether she has butt implants.

The rumors about Amber Rose getting butt implants are false.  The following video clip is from her appearance on Botched.  After her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa, tweeted that her butt was fake she was determined to prove him wrong.  RuPaul confirms that her butt is 100% natural:

Amber has had a large back side since she was dating Kanye West.  He would know if her butt was fake and when their feud began he would have used his knowledge against her.  Although Kanye revealed how many showers he took after sleeping with the former stripper, he didn’t say anything about her having implants.
Does Amber Rose Have Butt Implants?
Does Amber Rose Have Butt Implants?

Another person that can confirm that Amber’s butt is real is her professional partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars.  We’re looking forward to seeing these two show off their skills throughout this season of the show!

By Jason John

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