Daymond John Children

Daymond John has three children.  Him and his ex-wife have two daughters together: Yasmeen and Destiny.  Daymond and his fiancée have a daughter named Minka.

Love B. Scott reports that Daymond proposed to his girlfriend, Heather, on the set of Shark Tank this past Thursday, September 22, 2016.  John is the 47-year-old founder and CEO of the clothing brand, FUBU.  He decided to propose on the last day of shooting for the show’s upcoming season.

According to Bossip he popped the question at the start of lunch and we’re sure that she was caught off-guard.  In past interviews, the entrepreneur has discussed how difficult it can be to find free time to spend with his family.  With a net worth of $250 million, his opportunities are endless.  Keep reading for details about his three daughters: Yasmeen, Destiny and Minka.

Yasmeen John

Yasmeen is his oldest daughter.  Her mother is his ex-wife, Maria.  Back in 2014 he sent out a tweet explaining that he was enjoying a Miley Cyrus concert with his daughters:

Destiny John

Destiny is Daymond’s second daughter with his ex-wife Maria.  While there have been a few images released of Daymond’s third daughter, he doesn’t like sharing pictures of his two oldest daughters online.

Minka John

He welcomed his third daughter, Minka, on March 2, 2016.  Her mother is the woman he just proposed to, his longtime girlfriend, Heather.  The two are now engaged and we can’t wait to see pictures from their wedding.

Minka John
Minka John