Dawn Heflin Net Worth, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

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Public Relations


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March 20, 1976

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United States

The Jasmine Brand reports that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Dawn Heflin, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a payment plan for people with a regular income.  Dawn previously managed Joseline Hernandez.  According to her court documents, her assets are worth $235,719 whereas she has $263,370 in liabilities.

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According to BET Jessica Dime called Heflin out via Instagram.  In the Instagram post below, Jessica claims that Dawn has been telling people that she owes her $200.

DAMNNN DAWN 😒 I guess that’s why U goin round lying like I owe U 200$ 😂😂😂 bitch ion owe U shit but a beating . Looks like U gone die broke , a hater , & THE HELP …. #youneverpulleduptobenihana #oldassprostitute #vh1pleasegivethisscammeraraise #ionclaimtoberich #iowealotofmfersitaintyouthou #youshouldapawnedthatjewelryweworeatlastyearsreunion #foodstampsdawn #impayinforyomealswitmytaxmoney #youoweme #ikeptuonwhenbitchesaintseeyou #gobacktosellindope #theypimpinyou #keepmynameoutyomouth #illbethatbitchforyou #nowonderyouandjoselineroomates #ilivealone #icashedoutonmyvette #DAWNPENNY #WORRYBOUTYOU #LEAVEMEALONEOLDHOE
A photo posted by Jessica Dime A.K.A Dimepiece (@iamdimepiece) on Sep 7, 2016 at 8:36am PDT

Heflin was introduced as Joseline’s friend during the third season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  At the time she was a booking agent and publicist.  She was one of the first people to reveal that Joseline and Stevie J’s relationship was fake.  You would think that Dawn would have supported the story considering the amount of lying that occurs in the PR industry.

Dawn Heflin Net Worth Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Dawn Heflin Net Worth Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Some of the assets the television personality listed in her documents include her home, which is located in Georgia and worth $172,000, $20 cash and her 2012 Chevy Tahoe worth $12,000.  In addition Heflin claimed that she has $320 in her checking account, a 2013 Lexus LS worth $48,000 and about $1,000 worth of clothes and shoes.  Hopefully she’ll be able to fix her financial situation soon!