Cydney Christine, Chris Brown New Girlfriend

Hollywood Life reports that Chris Brown was recently spotted at a volleyball game with Cydney Christine, one of Karrueche Tran’s friends.  This isn’t the first time they’ve been spotted together but Christine insists that they are just friends.  We know how much Chris loves Karrueche and he must think that hanging out with her friends will make her jealous.

According to Inquisitr Chris and Christine were seen at a volleyball match between USC and UCLA.  Although we know that Breezy loves the attention, it must be difficult being a celebrity! They could just be friends, but we want tea.  We don’t have any proof that they’re dating but the images have led to rumors that they’re a couple.

Cydney Christine Chris Brown New Girlfriend
Cydney Christine Chris Brown New Girlfriend

Chris is currently 27-years-old and Cydney is 19.  This is most likely what he likes about her.  Karrueche held him accountable for his actions whereas there’s not too much a 19-year-old will be able to say to him.  She’s just happy to be in his presence and the singer definitely loves a good ego massage.

In addition to Karrueche, Cydney is also good friends with Christina Milian.  While Chris is the founder and CEO of the clothing brand, Black Pyramid, Christine is the CEO of Anaistine.  The company’s website features fur sandals for $60.00.  The duo could be spending time together to discuss business, but we doubt it.

By Jason John

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