Coco Snapchat Username

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People reports that Nicole “Coco” Austin and her daughter, Chanel Nicole, have been twinning lately and it’s the absolute cutest things we have ever seen.  Kim Kardashian and North West have tried it along with Beyoncé and her daughter, Blue.  Despite the competition, the Nicole twins are the grand champs!

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According to Perez Hilton the gorgeous pair were spotted on Labor Day in matching leopard bikinis.  Austin loves sharing pictures of her and her daughter via social media so make sure you’re following all of her accounts.

Coco’s Snapchat username is CocosWorld100:

Coco Snapchat Username
Coco Snapchat Username

Ice T

The model married rapper, Tracy “Ice T” Marrow in 2002.  In a few months they’ll celebrate their 15th anniversary.  Back in 2011 the couple renewed their vows, in celebration of their 10th anniversary.  Austin and Ice T prove that you can make your relationship last if you truly love the person you’re with.

Last year, Austin announced that she was pregnant.  We were a bit surprised considering the fact that she was 35-years-old.  The average age women in the United States have their first child is 25.  We’re glad that Coco ignored the stats because the results get more and more beautiful everyday.