Chantel Christie Pregnant! Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Basketball Wives LA star, Jackie Christie, and her husband, Doug, have a daughter named Chantel who has been in the news recently.  Enstarz reports that she’s going through a messy paternity battle.  Her alleged baby father has called her out for being crazy.  It’s difficult not to believe her baby father considering the fact that Chantel has lied in the past.

Those that remember the third season of Basketball Wives LA certainly remember the beef between Chantel and Draya Michele.  Chantel later revealed that she had made up the rumors about hooking up with NFL player Orlando Scandrick while he was dating Draya.  Jackie Christie loves drama and so does her daughter.

Chantel Christie Pregnant, Boyfriend
Chantel Christie Pregnant, Boyfriend

The child’s alleged father has requested a DNA test yet Chantel refuses to comply.  This situation is much different from Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha’s drama.  When Fetty claimed that he wasn’t the father, Masika dared him to take a DNA test.  He did, and the results proved that the rapper was the father.

In Chantel’s defense, she has dated her boyfriend, who is the alleged father of the child, for the last 5 years.  She may expect him to trust her considering the length of time they’ve been together.  He doesn’t believe her because she just told him that she was 5 months pregnant a couple days ago!

By Jason John

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