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Busta Rhymes On Empire

Shame on you for thinking Busta Rhymes was on Empire.  That was not Busta Rhymes, that was rapper, Xzibit who plays Shine Johnson.  The last time there was a mix up like this fans of the show were convinced that Freda Gatz was Dej Loaf.  Freda is actually played by rapper, Bre-Z, not Dej Loaf!

It’s great to see Xzibit on Empire.  Many people who watched the MTV series West Coast Customs may have trouble taking him serious but he convinces me more and more every scene.  Seeing him smash that producer’s head was all I needed.  The rapper’s character is just as crazy as Lucious Lyon.

Busta Rhymes On Empire
Busta Rhymes On Empire

The premiere episode of Empire season 3 featured all the jaw-dropping moments we expect from the show.  We still can’t believe that Rhonda is dead.  Xzibit’s character, Shine Johnson, is nuts, convincing us that additional characters will die soon.  Hopefully Lucious will kill Shine because we don’t like the way he treats Hakeem.

As much as we dislike 50 Cent, the relationship between Shine and Hakeem reminds us of the relationship between Tariq and Kaman on Power.  Kaman, 50 Cent’s character, has convinced Tariq to join forces with him to get revenge on a man they both hate: Tariq’s father, James “Ghost” St. Patrick.  Hopefully Shine won’t be able to convince Hakeem to join forces with him in order to get Lucious back!

By Jason John

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