Brandi Maxiell’s Sister, Basketball Wives LA

Brandi Maxiell’s “sister” on Basketball Wives LA is her best friend, DJ Duffey.  She has been calling Maxiell her sister since she was 14-years-old.  In season 5 episode 9 of the VH1 series, DJ Duffey will be going head-to-head with Tami Roman.  The two recently insulted each other over social media.

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Duffey called out Tami for being 46-years-old, trying to fight a 27-year-old for a check.  The feud started when Tami attempted to hire the DJ to work with her daughter, Jazz, an aspiring rapper.  Duffey has connections in the music industry so Tami figured that she could help her daughter with her first video.

Brandi Maxiell Sister Basketball Wives LA
Brandi Maxiell Sister Basketball Wives LA

Duffey scheduled dance auditions for the video and Tami was very disappointed with the lack of talent that showed up.  Tami called Duffey out for being unprofessional and Duffey took the insult personal.  The previews for episode 9 show that the feud is far from over.  Jazz, whose father is former NBA superstar, Kenny Anderson, recently posted a video calling out the show’s cast members for not actually being wives of NBA players.

Duffey clapped back and Tami insisted that Jazz’s comments weren’t directed at the DJ.  The episode will definitely be entertaining.  Tami doesn’t play and Duffey never hesitates to say what’s on her mind.  If Shaunie O’Neal and Brandi Maxiell get involved things will only get more chaotic!