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Black Justin Bieber Atlanta TV Show

Episode 5 of Atlanta‘s first season, “Nobody Beats the Biebs” was absolutely hilarious.  The episode starts with Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) and Earn (Donald Glover) at a celebrity basketball game.  Earn tries to spark a conversation with the reporter but she isn’t interested.  The Black Justin Bieber then enters the building.

The black Justin is loud and rude but everyone loves him.  He gives the reporter Paper Boi was interested in the hand and she doesn’t mind.  He then proclaims, “I’m gonna dunk on a b****!” Alfred hates Justin and they end up fighting during the game.

Black Justin Bieber Atlanta TV Show
Black Justin Bieber Atlanta TV Show

Singer, Lloyd, plays in the basketball game along with the actor who played Steve Urkel, Jaleel White.  Black Bieber scores on Jaleel and the fans love it.  Paper Boi gets mad and tells Jaleel that he would guard black Justin.  The switch doesn’t help.  On the next possession, Justin scores on Alfred.

Black Biebs then steals the ball away from Alfred but when he attempts to score, Alfred tackles him before he is able to.  The two get into a fight and Justin apologizes after the game.  He performs a song and everyone loves it.  The reporter advises Paper Boi to play his role as a rapper.  She thinks he’s being too nice.

By Jason John

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