Ashley Fargo, Brian Fargo’s Ex-Wife

Ashley Fargo was once married to Brian Fargo.  Brian is a descendant of the family responsible for creating Wells Fargo and American Express.  There have been rumors about her and Brian’s divorce.  Some media outlets have claimed that he kicked her out after finding out that he couldn’t trust her.

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When you have Wells Fargo money, it’s easy to keep certain information off the Internet.  Brian Fargo was born on December 15, 1962 and is currently 53-years-old.  As a successful video game designer, he motivates gamers around the world.  You can get paid to do what you love!

Ashley Fargo, Brian Fargo's Ex-Wife
Ashley Fargo, Brian Fargo’s Ex-Wife

Fargo founded the video game publishing company, Interplay in 1983.  The company is best known for the Fallout series, introduced in 1997.  Fallout 4 was the most recent release from the series.  Interplay is also the publisher of the Descent series.  The first-person shooter was released in 1995.
In 2002, Brian formed inXile Entertainment.  The company specializes in role-playing games and recently made its first expansion.  The company is located in Newport Beach, California and in 2015 they opened a location in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Fargo is still the company’s CEO while Matthew Findley is the President.