Ann Bender, Boyfriend’s Death

Daily Mail reports that Ann Patton was cleared of murder, for the second time, in late 2015.  According to her, millionaire financier, John Bender, committed suicide.  If you watched the “Paradise Lost” episode of 48 Hours on ID then you have plenty questions.  This article will answer all of them.

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According to CBS John Felix Bender and his wife, Ann, moved to Costa Rica in 2000.  They lived in an amazing compound that they called Boracayan, the couple’s vision of paradise.  The couple met in March 1998 in Charlottesville, Virginia.  They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.  They shared numerous similarities, including depression.

Ann Bender Boyfriend Death
Ann Bender Boyfriend Death

Prior to their move to Costa Rica, John’s net worth was $600 million.  Many say he was on his way to billionaire status but in 2000 he suffered a stroke.  That’s when the couple decided to relocate.  On January 7, 2010 Ann went to sleep around midnight.  A short time later, she woke up and saw John, naked, with a gun pointed at his head.

Ann tried to take the gun from her husband but it went off.  The bullet struck John in the back of the head.  In 2015, Ann was acquitted of the murder of John Bender for the second time.  Prosecutors stated that they had plans on appealing the verdict.