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Andre From Empire Wife, Rhonda Real Name

Rest in peace Rhonda Lyon! June 19, 1984 – May 10, 2016.  The actress who plays Rhonda is Kaitlin Doubleday.  Similar to you, we already miss her daily.  Andre has been through it all and has revealed that he is done with God.  Those are some strong words but after losing an unborn baby and a wife, we understand how he feels.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Empire it’s that the series can care less about our feelings.  We loved Bunkie, and Lucious broke our hearts by killing him.  We loved Michael and Jamal’s relationship and they broke up.  Finally, we loved Hakeem and Laura getting married but Shine ruined their wedding.

Andre From Empire Wife Rhonda Real name
Andre From Empire Wife Rhonda Real name
One person that didn’t care about Rhonda’s death is Lucious.  Her horrific death happened right in front of his eyes yet he quickly rushed to the hospital where he informed Anika to make sure that her story was believable.  We’re sure Anika was listening to every word Lucious had to say considering the fact that she was giving birth to her and Hakeem’s son daughter at the time.
The version of Andre that we’ll see throughout season 3 will be Lucious’ Andre.  Lucious wants a heartless son who is willing to do anything for Empire Entertainment to continue to grow.  Lucious never liked the fact that Rhonda was white and we think he’s happy that she’s dead.  Now, Andre no long believes in God and will be more ruthless than ever.

By Jason John

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