America’s Got Talent Accident, Arrow Flaming Crossbow

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a video of the arrow accident.

Buddy TV reports that half of the America’s Got Talent semifinal performances are complete and soon we’ll find out who’s in the season 11 finals.  This article will discuss one of this season’s most unforgettable moments.

The Verge reports that Ryan Stock successfully completed his sword-swallowing trick before moving to the grand finale.  Stock swallowed yet another steel rod, which had a circular target on its end.  His fiancé, AmberLynn Walker, stood on a ladder and attempted to shoot the target but the arrow missed and hit Ryan’s collarbone.  Luckily, he was not seriously injured.

We got used to Jon Dorenbos’ magic tricks and Golden Buzzer performances on America’s Got Talent.  We were surprised to see the arrow accident that took place on the show’s most recent episode.  A sword swallower was shot in the neck by a flaming arrow, live on television.  I feel sorry for any young children that had to see that!

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Billboard reports that Simon Cowell will be back next season as a judge.  The entrepreneur and the rest of the judges reacted in a professional manner after witnessing the accident.  According to Hollywood Reporter the show has been renewed for a 12th season.

America's Got Talent Accident, Arrow Flaming Crossbow
America’s Got Talent Accident, Arrow Flaming Crossbow
The show went live last Tuesday, marking the first time it has done so in Season 11.  After tonight’s episode NBC may be hesitant to ever go live again.  Ryan Stock and AmberLynn’s final stunt didn’t go as planned.  It’s sad.  If the stunt was completed correctly, they most likely would have advanced.  NBC will most likely have to make some changes considering how dangerous the competition has become.

The show featured numerous additional dangerous acts that had us very nervous.  It’s easy to take the stunts for granted and praise the show’s talented singers.  Ryan Stock and AmberLynn’s accident force us to appreciate the art.  We hope he recovers fast!

Here’s a video of the accident: