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Willie Taylor And Shanda Denyce Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Starcasm reports that Willie Madison Taylor III’s side chick, Kyesha, will appear on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood this season.  Kyesha and her husband were having difficulties so she turned to Willie for a sexual healing.  In Kyesha’s defense, her husband, Antwon, was horrible.  He cheated on Kyesha on a regular basis.  We just wish she would have picked someone who was single.

According to VH1 Shanda and Willie were in the studio when all of a sudden Kyesha pulls up to spill Willie’s tea.  You know you can’t spill tea these days without receipts and Kyesha had an entire folder full of receipts which she used to prove that Willie is a liar.
Willie Taylor Shanda Denyce Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Willie Taylor Shanda Denyce Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

If there’s one thing that we can learn from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood it’s that what happens in the dark always comes to light.  In the words of Yo Gotti, “Don’t you hate when you get screenshot?” Willie definitely hates when that happens because screenshots of his past conversations were in that folder!

It was sad to see how much Willie cared about his wife and Blaze working together when he’s the one that has been dishonest.  How selfish can a person be? He doesn’t like being cheated on yet he is allowed to cheat, how much sense does that make?

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