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William From Girlfriends, Reggie Hayes 2016 Weight Gain

Atlanta Daily World explains that Reginald “Reggie” C. Hayes is currently being insulted on social media by “bullies.”  The actor is best known for playing William Dent on Girlfriends.  Similar to his character on the show, he’s been unlucky today as the memes are being created at a rapid pace.  Recent images of the actor show that he has gained some weight.

According to Madame Noire the actor didn’t stay in contact with his former cast mates.  He regrets not staying in touch with them and misses the show.  As you know, Hollywood can be difficult for African American actors.  Empire has re-opened the gates for black entertainers and hopefully Reggie will be able to bounce back.

William From Girlfriends, Reggie Hayes 2016 Weight Gain
William From Girlfriends, Reggie Hayes 2016 Weight Gain

The actor can use Gabourey Sidibe’s blueprint for dealing with haters.  After Sidibe’s character, Becky Williams had a sex scene on Empire, numerous mean-spirited memes, fat-shaming the actress, were created and shared via social media.  The actress responded by letting her haters know that she was completely ignoring them.

Don’t worry about people who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason.  Consider your haters, fans in denial and keep it moving.  The 47-year-old has accomplished much more than most people will ever be able to and he’s not done yet!

By Jason John

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