Who Is Milan On Power, Starz?

In episode 6, “The Right Decision”, Power disappoints many fans that love seeing Ghost and Angela together.  Deadline reports that the show’s “Help Me” episode featured James “Ghost” St. Patrick and Tommy Egan reuniting.  The episode had some of the most unforgettable moments ever seen on the show whereas episode 6 left many viewers with a long list of questions.

According to Complex the show has followed Empire‘s blueprint, using social media to become on of TV’s biggest success stories.  One question you had after watching the last episode is “Who is Milan?” He is Ghost’s head of security who doesn’t like taking orders.  That’s who we eventually find out he is.

Who Is Milan On Power? Starz?

Prior to revealing his true identity, we know Jamie’s head of security as Dean.  He is played by actor, Callan Mulvey.  Jamie calls him into his office to fire him and Dean Milan states, “You finally killed Lobos.” Just like that, everything changes.

In episode 8 of season 2, “Three Moves Ahead” Tommy mentions Milan, describing him as a “cannibal motherf***er.” It looks like someone finally caught Ghost slipping.  Last season, Tommy and Ghost intercepted a shipment from Vladimir and his crew and left it for the police.  The problem is those drugs belonged to Milan, and he’s not happy.

By Jason John

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