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What Is Joseline Hernandez’s Real Name?

TMZ reports that Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J have been living a lie.  We recently reported that Hernandez’s real name is Shenellica Juneann Bettencourt and Stevie J, whose real name is Steven Aaron Jordan, attempted to use that information to have a restraining order against her extended.  In Stevie’s court documents, he exposes the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star’s real name and explains that she has also been lying about her age.

According to BET the former couple’s feud just keeps getting nastier.  While the “Puerto Rican Princess” might have thought that she wasn’t doing any harm by lying about her life, viewers of the VH1 series watch the show because they believe it’s based on facts.  Fans of the series fully understand that some aspect of the show must be polished before they’re shared but they were unaware that some characters were completely fake.

Joseline Hernandez Real Name
Joseline Hernandez Real Name

At this point, the reality star needs to come completely clean about her background or her career may be over.  We love certain entertainers because of their willingness to keep it real. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” gave her fans a glimpse at what was happening in her personal life.  As a result, her fans have supported the album and her Formation Tour is shattering records.

The Empire TV also proves the benefits of keeping it real.  The show’s co-creator, Lee Daniels, captivated the world by sharing the trash can incident, which he actually experienced when he was younger.  Daniels will be working with Joseline Shenellica on his new Fox series, Star.  We’re praying that he’ll be able to teach her how important it is to keep it real.

By Jason John

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