Usher’s Snapchat Name

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Howard Stern explains that Usher Raymond IV learned what it meant to be famous from Diddy at a very young age.  When the Dallas native was 14-years-old he lived with Diddy to develop an understanding of the lifestyle.  Diddy’s recent relationship issues may explain why Usher and his wife experienced similar problems which eventually led the former couple to divorce.

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According to E! News the singer recently commented on Justin Bieber’s private parts.  He explained that Justin has a mind of his own and as his mentor he can’t control his decisions.  Make sure that you’re following Usher on social media.  Who knows when he’ll decide to share his private parts again.

Usher’s Snapchat name is Usher:

Usher Snapchat Name
Usher Snapchat Name

The celebrity lifestyle that Diddy showed Usher over two decades ago was very different than life for today’s celebrities.  Social media has completely changed the game, making it more difficult for entertainers like Bieber to maintain their privacy.  Justin doesn’t know what a private life is and Diddy can only reminisce about the days before camera phones and social media.

In the 90s, Diddy taught Usher how to navigate in an industry where mobile devices were only used for making phones calls.  Today, cell phones are used like spyware and celebrities expose themselves on a regular basis.  Usher should teach Justin how to throw his cell phone in the trash.