Usain Bolt’s Make Out In Rio

Daily Mail reports that Usain St. Leo Bolt partied all night long to celebrate his amazing performance in Rio.  He was spotted with multiple woman and invited two upstairs when he arrived at his hotel.  The Jamaican sprinter has no shame but deserves to celebrate after putting on an epic performance at the Olympics.

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Did we forget to mention that this was his second night of partying? That’s right, the 30-year-old was in London this time around.  While he’s not quite Bob Marley, he is unbelievable but he needs to calm down when it comes to the ladies.  According to India Times he’s somehow managing three girlfriends.  That’s a fast way to get a sexually transmitted disease Mr. Bolt.

Usain Bolt Make Out
Usain Bolt Make Out

The image above shows him kissing a woman who was wearing a Olympic branded lanyard in the VIP section of a club.  Did his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, give him a free pass/passes after his performance in Rio!?

Two days ago images surfaced showing the sprinter making out with a 20-year-old Brazilian student named Jady Duarte.  We understand how happy he was about winning but the images seemed planned as if he was thirsty for media attention.  We later found out that Duarte is the widow of one of Rio’s most notorious drug lords, Douglas Donato Pereira aka Dina Terror.