Torrei Hart And Kevin Hart, Co-Parenting 101

If there’s one person that we can all learn from it is Torrei Hart. As you may know, her ex-husband Kevin Hart recently got married to Eniko Parrish. While numerous fans want Torrei to be bitter she is far from it. She recently posted a picture on Instagram revealing just how happy she is about Kevin and Eniko getting married.

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Co-parenting can be very difficult but when you are truly over the person it is easier.  Torrei Hart could have completely ignored Kevin Hart’s new relationship but she knows that she has two beautiful children watching their mother’s every move.  Her two kids fully understand what it means to be an adult and respect their mother so much more for the way in which she has handled herself. Kevin is also being a great role model. He recently posted a picture of his blended family.

Torrei Hart And Kevin Hart
Torrei Hart And Kevin Hart

Children have major difficulties accepting new people that their parents have rejected.  If Torrei was speaking badly about the Eniko then her children would have a hard time accepting their new stepmother. Torrei has done the exact opposite. See has fully accepted Kevin’s new wife, making it very easy for her kids to do the same.  Years from now, her kids mental state will continue to reap the benefits of the way that she’s handled herself.

There are so many people out there that believe that insulting their former lovers new lover accomplishes anything.  It may make them feel good inside for a moment but the long-term damage they are doing to their kids cannot be undone.  Kevin and Torrei need to write a book on co-parenting because they are doing a great job at it.