Tommie Mugshots, From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Celebrity Laundry reports that the cast of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunited in small groups at a secret location.  As expected, the reunion was unforgettable.  Tommie Lee found out that her legal troubles have worsened thanks to Joseline Hernandez.  Tommie sets things off by calling the show’s crew out for attempting to exclude her from the show.

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Mona Scott-Young explains to her that she has warrants and they cannot break the law.  The mugshots below prove that she’s been arrested numerous times.  According to Starcasm, her alias is Atasha Jefferson but other outlets have reported that her real name is Latisha Jefferson.

Tommie Mugshots From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Tommie Mugshots From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

A majority of the mugshots are connected to her criminal activity with Karen King.  The Atlanta natives had a forgery ring that has been exposed.  Hopefully, appearing on the show will help them change their lives.
Mona informed Tommie that she wanted to do an interview with her and Joseline but Hernandez has a restraining order against Lee.  The Atlanta Police Department must hate this show.  Stevie J has a restraining order against Joseline.  Crime in the city would decrease if the show was not on television.  Jefferson admits that she tried to run Hernandez over while she and Stevie were out having a drink.

Check out the full reunion: