Teyana Taylor Workout Plan And Diet

Kanye West has done it again! Billboard reports that the rapper’s new video for his song “Fade” featured recording artist and actress, Teyana Taylor.  The beautiful Harlem native reminded everyone how much Kanye appreciates a woman with a beautiful body.  Kanye’s 2004 debut album, The College Dropout featured “The Workout Plan” a song inspiring woman to get in shape so they could live the good life.

Kanye debut his video at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.  According to Elle Taylor’s sweaty body was glistening in the video as she performed a solo dance routine.  She is currently engaged to Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard, Iman Shumpert.  The recording artist gave birth to an adorable son on December 16, 2015 but clearly hasn’t experienced any difficulties losing the baby weight.

Teyana Taylor Workout Plan And Diet
Teyana Taylor Workout Plan And Diet


If you’re anything like me you immediately began researching Taylor’s workout secrets after seeing her stunning body in the video.  This article will outline her workout plan.

The Workout

In the video below Teyana explains that she does not have a hardcore workout routine.  She does squats and the elliptical and is not embarrassed to quit when she is tired.  The video shows that she doesn’t complicate her workout routine like so many of us do.  Keep your training routine simple and don’t get too fancy.



The singer explains that she does squats to keep her booty right.  The “Fade” video below is evidence that they’re working! Squats are the most effective exercise for a rounder butt.  Your glutes are not the only part of your body that will benefit from squats.  They also work your abs, obliques and legs.  That’s right, they help tone your legs by working your quads, calves and thighs.


Teyana Taylor explains that the elliptical is her baby.  Similar to squats the elliptical works out multiple muscle groups including your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calves.  You must actively use the machines handles for a total-body workout.  Unlike the treadmill your feet never leave the pedals therefore the machine provides a low-impact workout which is better for your back and joints.
In the video she jokes about a trainer calling her a quitter during a workout session.  Instead of using the trainer’s insult as motivation the singer simply agreed with him, explaining that she was tired and was craving a slice of pizza.  So many of us are under the false impression that starving ourselves will help us lose weight but that’s not true.
When you attempt to starve yourself you make your body think that it may not receive food for a while so it holds onto every calorie and ounce of fat.  Instead eat whole foods and stay away from processed foods.  Whole foods are foods that are in their natural form or as close to it as possible.
The singer does not drink alcohol, making staying fit much easier for her.  Alcohol has negative effects on weight loss because every gram of it has seven calories.  Hard liquor including gin, vodka, rum, whiskey or scotch, is also horrible for weight loss because it contains 64 calories per 80 proof.