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Independent reports that Tara O’Farrell is one of Ireland’s top make-up artists.  She has done it all, from commercials to fashion shows and weddings.  When actress, Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones on Sex and the City, was in Ireland, she called Tara to handle her makeup.

According to TV3, Tara’s not only a talented make-up artist she’s also a beautiful model.  Mastering both has given her a unique perspective.  If there’s one person who knows beauty it’s a supermodel.  Make sure you’re following her on social media.  Tara Makeup’s Snapchat name is Tara_Makeup:

Tara Makeup Snapchat Name
Tara Makeup Snapchat Name

Make-up artist like O’Farrell are often taken for granted.  Where would a show like Empire be without the talented make-up artist who transform the show’s actors into flawless masterpieces.  In Hollywood, make-up is used to bring storylines to life.  Cookie Lyon’s bold eye shadow ensure that she’s never forgotten while characters like Rhonda and Anika use lighter tones for their characters.

As the go-to make up artists for brides, Tara could have been used for Laura’s wedding day, although she didn’t end up marrying Hakeem.  Maybe the rapper can convince the singer to give him one more chance by hiring the make-up artist that no bride can resist.

By Jason John

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