Tammy Rivera Snapchat Name

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If there’s one scene of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta that I’ll never forget it’s the scene where Tammy Rivera starts crying as she attempts to tell her friends that her and Waka Flocka Flame had broken up.  VH1 reports that Mrs. Flocka Flame recently had Walmart crying.  The reality star pointed out that a black doll was three times more expensive than its white counterpart leading Walmart to slash the price of the black doll.

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According to Hello Beautiful Tammy and Waka are finally making things work.  The couple brought Tammy’s daughter with them on a trip to Jamaica and Rivera shared numerous beautiful images from the vacation.  Make sure you’re following all of her social media accounts.

Tammy Rivera’s Snapchat name is Baddy335:

Tammy Rivera Snapchat Name
Tammy Rivera Snapchat Name

The adorable couple recently visited The Breakfast Club where Rivera had no shame about the fact that her husband had cheated on her.  She keeps it real and that’s what we love about her.  Waka explains that his background didn’t exactly prepare him to maintain a committed relationship.

Many people forget that Waka Flocka started out as Gucci Mane’s “bodyguard.” He grew up with Gucci and is still somewhat close to the rapper.  Before meeting Tammy, Waka’s lifestyle with Gucci was much different.  They’ve come a very long way and we hope they stay together forever!