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Tamar Braxton Dropped From Epic Records, Update

Centric reports that Tamar and Vince got into yet another altercation.  Numerous media outlets that covered the story highlighted the fact that Braxton recently lost her job on The Real and she was dropped from Epic Records.  This article was written to make it clear that she was never dropped by Epic Records.

According to Love B. Scott the couple was spotted holding hands a day after their fight.  While they have a reputation for domestic disputes, it’s not fair for people to be spreading the rumor that she was dropped from her record label when she actually was not.  If you read the wrong story about the incident you will be under the impression that she is struggling as an artist when she actually is not.

Tamar Braxton Dropped From Epic Records
Tamar Braxton Dropped From Epic Records

L.A. Reid eventually broke his silence, explaining that the rumor was completely false.  Tamar has a beautiful spirit so the haters will continue to try to throw shade her way.  We love how she completely ignores them and we know that they can’t stand it.

We have been an fan of Tamar since her days with The Braxtons.  Over two decades later and she’s still doing the damn thing! We adore her dedication and we love her voice.  She gives her haters more to be mad about every day and we absolutely love it.

By Jason John

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