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Tamar and Vince Domestic Violence Altercation, “Fighting” “Dispute”

Somebody tried it or somebody lying! Bossip reports that Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton pulled a Diddy and Cassie.  That’s right, the couple got into a fight and then attempted to cover the entire situation up.  TMZ posted a video of the two love birds holding hands but where there’s smoke there’s fire and we all know that Tamar doesn’t play!

According to The Shade Room the couple’s incident took place in their hotel in Atlanta this past weekend.  We are bothered by how dumb these two think that we are.  The video showed Vincent happy tail smiling from ear to ear.  He was being so obvious and we know Tamar couldn’t wait to Solange him whey they got on the elevator.

Tamar And Vince Domestic Violence Altercation "Fighting" "Dispute"
Tamar And Vince Domestic Violence Altercation “Fighting” “Dispute”

We’re definitely not wishing any bad on their relationship but they’ve been done since Tamar was fired from The Real.  She is too real to be with a man who knew she was getting fired and didn’t do anything about it.  the singer has practically told the world that she holds grudges:

Again, we wish them the best especially considering the fact that they have an adorable son together, Lil’ Logan.  It’s just becoming more and more difficult to deny what truly seems to be going on.  We love Tamar because she is real with her sisters but it might be time for her to be real with herself.

By Jason John

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