Rowan Atkinson, Dead? Mr Bean Actor, Commits Suicide?

Who can you trust? The internet is constantly playing with our emotions.  This week, death hoaxes have killed Suge Knight and actor, Tommy Chong.  A recent article claimed that actor, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson is dead after committing suicide.  The report explained that the actor was found by Marin County Police in California.

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According to Jalopnik the Mr. Bean actor is not dead.  The story is false, despite the fact that people won’t stop sharing it on Facebook.  The Sun reports that there are actually multiple Mr. Bean death hoaxes being shared.  One story claims that he committed suicide while the other explains that he passed away in an attempt to save the life of a fellow actor.

Rowan Atkinson Dead? Mr Bean Actor Commits Suicide?
Rowan Atkinson Dead? Mr Bean Actor Commits Suicide?

Don’t be surprised to see an article about Rowan Atkinson’s death in your newsfeed.  The reason these stories go viral is because they catch people off guard, leading them to immediately share the link.  People want to share fresh, shocking news and no topics more share-worthy than a celebrity’s death.


If there’s one person that’s happy that he’s alive it’s his daughter, Lily.  The actor is currently funding the 20-year-old’s dream to become a singer.  Her mother is the comedian’s ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry.