Rob Kardashian Neck Tattoo “Angela”

TMZ reports that Robert Arthur “Rob” Kardashian got Angela tattooed on his neck.  As you know, his fiancé is Blac Chyna and her real name Angela Renée White.  Angela in Arabic is Anjila which Rob got tattooed on his neck.  Many were surprised about Rob’s new ink because there were reports that the two were experiencing relationship problems as recent as last month.

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According to Oxygen a new emoji which shows Blac Chyna slapping Kylie Jenner has led to major speculation.  Rob has made it clear that he doesn’t approve of his family but the emoji may have taken things too far.  Kourtney Kardashian has spoken out, stating that she doesn’t approve of the emoji nor anyone insulting her sister.

Rob Kardashian Neck Tattoo "Angela"
Rob Kardashian Neck Tattoo “Angela”

The Kardashians have to stop their attempt to run Blac Chyna away.  She has made all the right moves and has two babies which make her a very important person in their family.  Kylie and Tyga are here to stay.  They have broken up and gotten back together far too many times for anyone to believe that they’ll ever breakup for good.

Blac Chyna will ensure that Rob is a good stepfather and Tyga will ensure that Kylie is a good stepmother.  The entire situation makes Kim Kardashian’s previous relationships all look normal.  Her and Kanye seem to have a tremendous relationship and their kids are adorable!