Reggie Youngblood – Age, NFL, New Orleans Saints

International Business Times reports that Basketball Wives LA star, Tami Roman, doesn’t play when it comes to family.  Her and DJ Duffey had a falling out when Tami notices that the DJ is not as talented as she claimed.  Roman trusted Duffey to help her daughter create a music video but Tami refuses to accept poor service.  At 46-years-old, Tami doesn’t have time to waste, something her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood, fully understands.


Reggie Youngblood was born on May 20, 1987 and is currently 29-years-old.  There’s a 17-year age difference between him and Tami yet he acts very mature for his age.  Tami’s personality would clash with his if her were immature as proven the way that Tami treats Jackie Christie when she starts acting like a child.We loved how Tami called out Christie when Jackie claimed that Angel Brinks was upset at her for not having her back when it was obvious that Brinks was upset at Angel Love.

Reggie Youngblood Age NFL New Orleans Saints
Reggie Youngblood Age NFL New Orleans Saints


NFL, New Orleans Saints

Despite being included on the New Orleans Saints 2009 mini-camp roster he decided not to play in the NFL.  He suffered numerous injuries during his college years at the University of Miami.  While some players don’t hesitate to sacrifice their health and well-being for NFL contracts we think he made the right decision.



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