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Princess Love and Floyd Mayweather, Is The Champ Engaged?

Bleacher Report explains that Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.’s most popular fight of all time is the one that never happened against Conor McGregor.  At a recent press conference, McGregor suggested that the fight could still happen.  The 28-year-old believes that Mayweather is attempting to convince Showtime executives to come up with the money for the fight.


According to MMA Mania the undefeated boxer has stated that he is willing to fight inside the ring yet at 39-years-old we don’t think he’ll end up fighting the UFC Featherweight Champion.  Fighting has become a part of the boxer’s past, similar to his former girlfriend, Princess Love.

Princess Love Floyd Mayweather


“Queen Princess Love” got married to singer Ray J on Friday, officially taking her off the market.  Ray J actually met Princess Love through Mayweather four years ago.  The singer is all about his money: Ray J played Dorian “D-Money” on his sister’s television show Moesha.  Some are unaware that he’s currently signed with Cash Money Records.  Finally, the singer, whose real name is William Ray Norwood Jr. is a member of “The Money Team.”In their glory days, The Money Team’s full-time job was talking trash about how Money Mayweather was going to win his next fight.  Ray J was one of the organization’s most important members so Floyd would let him sleep with his girlfriends.  One of those girlfriends was the model Ray J just married, Princess Love.

Back in 2013 when the boxer was experiencing trouble with his fiancee, Shantel Jackson, he started spending more time with Princess Love and Ray J definitely noticed.  The boxer met her back when she was stripping at the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club located in Las Vegas.

50 Cent Princess Love
50 Cent Princess Love

Their connection was tight and 50 Cent even posted all the gifts that the boxer bought her via his Instagram.  Mayweather was upset and posted the following message about the matter:

“When you take a broke person out of the slums and give them a chance at bettering themselves. In due time their true colors will eventually reveal itself. That’s why they say, leave trash in the garbage for bums to dig through because you can find yourself hanging around garbage so much you will forget how rotten it is.” -Money May

Floyd missed out on a good one and Ray J picked up where he left off.


Some believe that the boxer will soon be engaged to Doralie Medina who recently suffered a miscarriage.  The child would have been the boxer’s fifth child.  He’s approaching 40-years-old very quickly and he had to receive a reality check when he heard about Ray J and Princess Love getting married.

Boxer Daniel Gonzalez

Daily Mail reports that Mayweather recently signed undefeated boxer, Daniel Gonzalez to Mayweather Promotions.  The 18-year-old has been described as the next Floyd Mayweather.  The boxer is Mayweather’s 23rd.  It’s clear that the boxer is taking his company very seriously.  We don’t think he has time to worry about what Conor McGregor had to say:

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