Milan Christopher Gordy, Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Global Grind reports that Milan Christopher Gordy was fired from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood after demanding a substantial pay raise.  Him and his ex-boyfriend, Miles Siir Brock, made #LHHH history as the first openly gay male couple to appear on the show.  Despite that accomplishment, VH1 still treated him like he was replaceable.

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According to Wetpaint the former couple had a nasty breakup and that is most likely the reason they weren’t desperate to have Milan return.  The couple was a package deal and viewers enjoyed watching them together.  Last year, Milan explained that Joseline Hernandez inspired him to appear on the show.

Milan Christopher Gordy, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Milan Christopher Gordy, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

The 30-year-old has been connected to the music industry for years thanks to his familial relationship, by marriage, to Motown founder, Berry Gordy.  According to rumors, the rapper let his background get to his head during the negotiation phase for the new season of the show.

While VH1 offered him a reasonable salary he responded by requesting way more money and the two parties weren’t able to come up with an agreement.  In addition, he was very difficult to work with during the show’s last reunion, giving the network another reason to part ways with him.