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Max Lux Teeth

Wetpaint reports that Max “Lux” Boyd gave his wife, Brandi, $27,000 in cash on episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s third season.  Lux explained to Brandi Burnside that the money is for their son’s future.  The Grammy-Award nominated rapper pointed out that he knows how cheap his wife is so he was under the impression that she could be trusted with the cash.

According to Fameolous Lux cheated on Brandi and is now refusing to take a DNA test.  While the story seems false it presents us with an opportunity to discuss another issue that has been bothering us: Max Lux’s teeth.

Max Lux Teeth
Max Lux Teeth

From Fabolous to Nas, the chipped tooth has been celebrated in the rap game.  Support Online Hip Hop explains that both emcees eventually opted to fix their teeth.  Rapper T.I. spent more than Lux gave Brandi to fix his teeth ($30,000).  We think that Boyd should follow T.I.’s lead and get his grill fixed.

We understand the push for being more comfortable with your imperfections but when it comes to your grill we think that you should fix it if you have the money to.  A beautiful smile can increase a person’s confidence, improve their facial structure and promote better dental health.

By Jason John

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