Master P Snapchat Name

Hip Hop DX reports that Percy Robert Miller aka Master P can’t stay out the studio.  The 49-year-old recently released the track “Can’t Count Us Out.” After his grandfather passed away Miller inherited $10,000, which he used to open up his own record store.  The rapper used the store as the foundation for his record label.  The New Orleans native started No Limit Records in 1990.  The same year, his brother, Kevin Miller, was murdered in New Orleans.

According to The Source the rapper understands the importance of looking out for family members.  In another recent song, Miller teamed up with his daughter, Cymphonique.  The businessman continues to make big moves at a rapid pace.  Try to keep up with him by following his social media accounts.  Master P’s Snapchat name is MasterPMiller:

Master P Snapchat Name
Master P Snapchat Name

The track Miller released with his daughter is called “You Need Me And I Need You.” The song was inspired by the current state of our society.  The duo wanted to release a single that shared their thoughts on all of the senseless murders that have been taking place.  

The “Ice Cream Man” explains that the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile hurt his heart.  The rapper makes it clear that he does not believe all police officers are bad.  We all make mistakes and we must come together during times like these.

By Jason John

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