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Mariah Carey Sister, HIV Positive, Arrested For Prostitution

The Shade Room reports that Mariah Carey’s older sister, Alison A. Carey was arrested for prostitution on Friday, August 26, 2016 in Saugerties, New York.  Officers received a tip that the 55-year-old was prostituting out of a hotel and set up an undercover investigation.  Despite being HIV positive, she used the Internet to promote her services online and had been using the particular hotel for about a week.

According to Ask Kissy Alison has begged her sister for financial assistance because she has two children that she is unable to support.  The police have advised anyone who slept with her to see their doctor because she is HIV positive.  She is a recovering drug addict explaining why her sister finds it difficult to help her.

Mariah Carey Sister, HIV Positive, Arrested For Prostitution
Mariah Carey Sister, HIV Positive, Arrested For Prostitution

Last year, after a home invasion, Alison sent Mariah a video begging for help.  She had brain and spine surgery following the invasion and many thought that she wouldn’t make it.  Over the years, the singer has spent a substantial amount of money helping her sister but it clearly has not paid off.

Alison inherited $1.6 million from her father when he passed away in 2002.  She used the money to set up trust funds for her children.  Mariah has a great relationship with Lee Daniels and we’ll see her on Empire this season.  We’re praying for the singer’s sister.

By Jason John

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