Mani From The Rap Game

On the last episode of The Rap Game, many were surprised that Mani finished number four.  I thought he deserved the third spot, if not higher.  The 15-year-old represents South Central LA and has recently been opening for Mindless Behavior.  Don’t sleep, Empire star, Bryshere Y. Gray gained major recognition by opening up for stars like Jay-Z early in his career.

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The West Coast rapper is also similar to the character Bryshere plays on Empire, Hakeem Lyon.  Similar to Hakeem, Mani’s career is a family affair.  His mother handles the business portion of his career while his dad handles all things creative.  Hopefully they get along better than Cookie and Lucious.

Mani The Rap Game
Mani The Rap Game

According to Billboard, Jermaine Dupri chose the rappers that appear on The Rap Game by simply searching for new talent on the Internet.  Him and his team picked the young emcees that appeared to be putting in more work than the competition.  It’s easy to see why Mani was chosen.  The rapper’s swag and confidence separates him apart from the competition.

On the first episode of Season 2 we got to see the lyricist perform for Snoop Dogg.  The smile that appeared on Snoop’s face after the young rapper revealed his hometown, tells the entire story.  Mani could be the future of West Coast hip hop if he keeps up the hard work he’ll earn himself a deal with So So Def.