Leaked Video Of Johnny Depp Beating Wife, Amber Heard

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TMZ reports that John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II lost his temper with his ex-wife Amber Laura Heard and she caught it all on tape.  The actress told TMZ that she is not the person who leaked the video.  While the actor is visibly upset and drunk in the video, he does not “beat” her.  He is seen slamming cabinets and pouring wine in the couple’s kitchen.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald the footage emerged days before a hearing into Heard’s request for a domestic violence restraining order against the actor is to be heard.  The actress hired the right lawyers for this one.  The timing of the video couldn’t have been better.  Moreover, the headlines that are attached to the video ensure that Depp will be considered a violent drunk.

Leaked Video Johnny Depp Beating Wife Amber Heard

We purposefully chose the strong words for the title to get people to this article in order to inform them that the entire situation has been pre-orchestrated by Heard’s legal team.  She didn’t show up to the first deposition because her lawyer advised her not to.  Her legal team knew that it would be in her best interest to leak the video before the deposition.

Fans of the actor recently created the following video implying that the actress is faking the entire story.  The video shows a woman physically harming herself as she calls the cops, claiming that someone has abused her.

Us Weekly reports that the actress was recently spotted on her way to her deposition for her divorce from the award-winning actor.

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