Latosha DJ Duffey, Basketball Wives LA

In episode 5 of Basketball Wives LA 5th season we witnessed Angel Love argue with Malaysia Pargo and Latosha aka DJ Duffey.  Before that we saw Latosha interrupt Brandi and Shaunie’s argument to inform Queen Shaunie O’Neal that she was wrong for insulting Brandi Maxiell.  So who is this newcomer that’s getting so much respect?

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Inquisitr reports that DJ Duffey was just introduced this season yet she’s already making more enemies than friends.  If she looks familiar it’s because she’s rapper, Curren$y’s DJ.  You may also recognize her from Amber Rose’s 2015 SlutWalk.  Similar to Rose, she was born in Philadelphia, PA but eventually moved to Mansfield, Texas.  According to Design and Trend she joined the show as Brandi’s best friend, but she’s quickly making a name for herself.

Prior to joining the cast of Basketball Wives LA the 27-year-old played 4 years of college basketball for the University of Texas at Arlington.  She majored in computer science and is currently a member of the NAACP.

Despite the fact that she was bold enough to call Shaunie out for talking down to her best friend, Brandi, Shaunie completely ignores her advice and informs the ladies that she doesn’t want to be around Brandi nor does she want to speak about the situation.