Kevin Durant Snapchat Name

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Bleacher Report explains that Kevin Wayne Durant told Russell Westbrook that he was leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder via text message.  Westbrook just signed a $85 million extension with OKC and KD hasn’t congratulated him.  “K-Smoove” says he’ll contact Westbrook once everything dies down.

According to Slam KD has explained that Westbrook wasn’t a factor in his decision to join the Golden State Warriors.  Instead the Washington, D.C. native just loves the game and wants to win.  Make sure you’re following him and the rest of the Team USA Basketball “Snapchat Squad.”

Kevin Durant’s Snapchat name is KD35Official:

Kevin Durant Snapchat Name
Kevin Durant Snapchat Name

Russell Westbrook Press Conference

Westbrook chose all the right words at his press conference, celebrating the new contract.  A reporter asked, “Did KD going to GSW sting?” Russell responded with a question of his own: “Sting for who?” leading to giggles amongst the crowd.  The 2016-17 NBA schedule will be released on Thursday, August 11, 2016.  We can’t wait to see when the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Golden State Warriors.
After witnessing LeBron James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and win them a NBA Championship you would think Russell and OKC would show a bit more respect to KD.  The NBA superstar could end up hating Golden State.  Just because they’re unstoppable on paper doesn’t mean it will work in reality.  OKC shouldn’t burn any bridges.

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