Karlie Redd, BAPS, Back In The Day

Everyone’s favorite Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Karlie Redd was recently featured on Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared podcast.  The television personality discussed her exes and she hinted at her age.  Any time her age comes up people start discussing how long she has been in the game.  Karlie appeared in the 1997 film, BAPS, starring Halle Berry.

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According to TMZ she recently got into a serious altercation with rapper Christopher Powe aka Pharaoh.  She knows that she is too old to still be getting into trouble! She had to be at least 25-years-old in the image below which was taken in 1997, about 20 years ago.  That means Karlie is at least 45-years-old which is too old to still be getting into altercations with multiple men on a regular basis.

Karlie Redd BAPS Back In The Day
Karlie Redd BAPS Back In The Day

We do love how the series doesn’t discriminate on cast members based on their age.  Momma Dee has launched her music career on the reality series despite being a bit older than the average artist.  Our only problem with Karlie is the fact that she hasn’t owned it.  Someone as confident as her shouldn’t be ashamed of anything.

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As you can see in the Instagram post above, the issue will not go away.  She should have learned from Joseline Hernandez Shenellica Bettencourt: The truth always comes out.