Jon Dorenbos Girlfriend

Jon Dorenbos continues to make his girlfriend, Annalise Dale proud.  She has to be impressed by his ability to juggle training camp and America’s Got Talent.  We’ll provide you with everything you need to know about Annalise later in the article.  First, let’s discuss some of the magician’s most recent tricks.
Fox Sports reports that close-up magician, Jon Dorenbos, amazed judges with his magic trick on Tuesday night.  The long snapper’s tricks continue to get more intricate every time he appears on the show.  While he used cards the fist two times, the 36-year-old decided to use footballs and a huge map for his latest trick.

The Morning Call reports that he’s currently the longest-tenured Philadelphia Eagle.  He’s balancing training camp and the competition and doing a great job at it.  Check out his most recent trick:

Jonathan Paul Dorenbos is the Philadelphia Eagles’ long snapper.  Rolling Stone explains that the football player impressed Ne-Yo with his amazing magic tricks on America’s Got Talent.  Another person that we know was impressed is Jon Dorenbos’ girlfriend, Annalise Dale.  She’s from Denver, Colorado and currently works at MGM Resorts International as a Customer Development Executive.

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According to ESPN, Dorenbos is an accomplished magician in his off-the-field life.  The Texas-native received the “Golden Buzzer” from Ne-Yo, on the first round of Judge Cuts.  That gave the football player instant advancement to the competition’s next round.

Jon Dorenbos Girlfriend
Jon Dorenbos Girlfriend

Father, Alan Dorenbos

The magician has seen it all.  Here’s a summary of one of the most horrific events of his entire life:
  • The talented football player’s parents, Kathy and Alan, raised him in Woodinville, Washington
  • His father was a software specialist
  • When Jon was 12-years-old, his father murdered his mother
  • The football player testified in the trial
  • His father was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 13 year and eight months in prison
  • He was sent to a foster home and used magic to ease his mind
  • He argued self defense and served 11 years
  • He was released from prison in 2006


According to Spotrac, the Philadelphia Eagles signed the long snapper to a 4-year, $4,250,000 contract in 2013.  He’ll make $985,000 in 2016 and he’ll receive a $100,000 signing bonus.  His net worth is currently $5 million.